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Order your stock catalog today! Volume I has 500+designs & Volume II has 100+ designs, each  on a 1 CD in Tajima and Melco expanded formats with a color catalog. All orders are shipped the next day UPS ground.  We accept Visa, Master Card, and COD. 

If you are uncomfortable sending credit card information via WWW.  Print out this form and fax it to us as (770)917-8966 or call us 1-800-628-9527 or 770-917-8886

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  Complete Stock Catalog:  includes CD with designs and color catalog
  Volume I  Check to order

$ 250.00

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 $ 100.00

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   Color catalog Volume I  
Volume II 
Volume III

$  15.00

Individual Designs                 remember buy 2 get 1 free

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Graphic Impressions, Inc.  All stock Designs are for use by original customer only.  Resale, duplication or transfer to another customer is a violation of copyright law.


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